Spicy Jerk Chicken [White Rice]


Gramas Spicy Jerk Chicken is a tastebud explosion. Paired with your choice of side; in this case White Rice will have your hunger cravings fully satiated. 

Our chicken sourced from local farms that produces ethically raised, antibiotic free birds; is marinated in a perfectly balanced blend of Jamaican spices, producing both heat and a smoky flavour.  

Then it is slowly cooked to perfection; the result is an amazingly tender, moist, and juicy chicken bursting with savoury flavours on every bite. 

This is a taste that will linger in your memory long after you have swallowed your last bite.

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Basmati Rice, Drink, Coleslaw Daily Special
Basmati Rice, Drink, Coleslaw Small
Basmati Rice, Drink, Coleslaw Large

Basmati Rice, Drink, Coleslaw Daily Special, Basmati Rice, Drink, Coleslaw Small, Basmati Rice, Drink, Coleslaw Large


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