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Basmati White Rice

Get this long grain, light nutty flavored rice with it’s floral aroma. Our style of cooking this rice, is what is known as (Shelly Rice) in Jamaica.  Have it with a chicken or curry stew.



Beef Soup

Jamaican pumpkin beef soup is a combination of, pumpkin and an array of tasty vegetable pieces, dumplings, Jamaican spices including thyme and pimento seeds, this soup is a great appetizer or perfect for dinner.



Fresh Garden Salad of the Day

Created with fresh spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers and cranberries, this is a perfect addition to yoru meal.



Golden Nectar Fried Plantain

Our Golden Nectar Fried Ripe Plantains are thickly sliced; they have a crispy, caramelized texture and irresistibly sweet taste. You can order this naturally sweet treat as a side and have it with our without a meal. Grama’s plantains are defiantly a hit with every order.



Grama’s Potato Mashup

Grama’s Potato Mashup is a mixture of a classic traditional recipe mixed with a modern refreshing twist. This mashup includes veggies, bacon bits, a secret sweet sauce made from natural honey, mayonnaise and sour cream. This filling salad can be served warm or cold and has a zing your tastebuds will thank you for.



Grama’s Rice & Peas

Rice and peas affectionally called the Coat of Arms, seasoned with the special trinity of thyme, scallion, and garlic. This rice mixed with kidney beans and infused with coconut milk has a woodsy flavour the is heightened by Grama’s special addition; the allspice berries with a subtle heat that comes from our signature Scotch bonnet pepper. Grab it as a side or as part of your main dish!



Grama’s Signature Coleslaw

This is not your typical coleslaw, Grama’s coleslaw includes finely shredded cabbage, carrots, sweet onion and more! You’ll taste the sweetness of raw honey and dijon mustard. Grab this coleslaw and you’ll re-order it as a side or main dish…yes it’s that tasty!



Jamaican Festival

This slightly sweet fried dumplings, called festival, from Jamaica, is a popular street food that is often eaten with jerk meats. Grandma’s secret dough is a mixture of corn meal and other flours. This is a deep-fried dumpling you’ll love!



Rasta Potato Slam Bam

Grama’s Rasta Potato Slam Bam is a classic traditional recipe. This slam bam is created with a burst of veggies including; green peas, carrots, and sweet corn. Grama’s sweet secret sauce made from natural honey, mayo and sour cream and an ingredient that adds a zing will have you filled to the brim.



Seasonal Sautéed Greens (1 Size)

This steamed vegetable dish is healthy and flavorful. You can have it as a main or delicious side dish, chopped seasonal greens could include spinach, kale, bok choy or any greens in season. Cooked with onion, garlic, carrots, bell pepper, and green onion. Your taste buds will thank you.



Side of Jerk Quarter

Enjoy this smoky flavoured meat. It’s made with all of Grama’s jerk spices.

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