Breakfast Combos



Cornmeal Vanilla Porridge

Tired of the same oatmeal for breakfast? Get this warming Vanilla Cornmeal Porridge instead! This delicious cornmeal porridge is infused with Caribbean spices, cinnamon leaf, nutmeg and coconut milk; sweetened with vanilla, honey and caramelized condensed milk for a complete warm and comforting



Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

A full breakfast served with soft scrambled eggs are fluffy, rich and indulgent, prepared and cooked with the utmost care and attention. Hand fluffed with homemade cream, served with toast, home made potato fries or golden pancakes and freshly squeezed juice of the day.


$12.99 – $14.99

Grama’s Fried Dumplings

Grama’s Secret Fried Dumplings have been a staple in her family for decades. They were created when her siblings got tired of eating the ordinary style deep fried round Jamaican dumplings. Grama’s secret Fried Dumplings or “Rosie Cakes” are flat, thin and fluffy. Your choice of crispy or tender on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside.


$8.00 – $11.99

Spicy Fish Fritters

Get these delicious Spicy Jamaican Fish Fritters served with Jamaican Ackee. It’s a yummy treat and can be had at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get a taste of these fritters and you’ll keep ordering them again and again.



Taina’s Golden Pancakes

These perfect Buttermilk Pancakes are the answer to all your Canadian breakfast cravings. Inspired by Grama’s only grandchild, this pancake is light, fluffy, and golden brown with crisp edges, they’re so amazingly perfect that you might not even need syrup! Served with your side of honey or pancake syrup.

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