My Grama’s Jerk was born as a result of his consistent nagging “Grama; why don’t you cook these meals and sell them? Grama why can’t we make a business out of the delicious meals you make?”

One day during the COVID-19 crisis Grama Rose said to her daughter “I have taught you enough about cooking…Let’s do it!” Cher asked “what’re we doing mom?” She said “my grandson’s cooking idea.”

Her daughter laughed and said “mom I can’t do it on my own!” Grama Rose said “I will supervise you :)”

In preparation for their new adventure they decided to take food management and food safety courses offered through the Public Health Agencies in Halton.

My Grama’s Jamaican Jerk was Born!

Envisioned by Grama Rose and her two offsprings, the dynamic trio thoughtfully curated, this soulful takeout restaurant born out of necessity and a grandson’s love for his grandmothers Jamaican dishes!

Today they have a menu of that boasts a delicious blend of ethnic flavours with home -style Jamaican inspired meals. Infused with the warmth and vibrancy of Jamaica’s culture and our people.

My Grama’s Jamaican Jerk creates the most mouth watering meals that will tickle your pallet and you’ll be back wanting for more!

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